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Saturday afternoon, Micaela and Pietro came back from their Panettone search with two nice traditional panettones. They also took our artificial Christmas tree that had been expecting us since last January in the cellar. 
Felicia and Lisa were so happy to, « enfin », decorate the Christmas tree. It’s a tradition in our family to decorate the Christmas tree after Felicia’s birthday. 
Maybe, we waited a little too long this year. The week had been very busy. 
The girls took the different parts of the the tree out of the box and Micaela started to assemble them. 
But something was going wrong. The branches would not stand as they should, they kept going down. I suggested that maybe it had been assembled the wrong way, but it hadn’t been, so we asked Pietro for help. 
This is the Petit Conte de Noël that you are going to hear in today’s episode. 
Have wonderful  « fêtes de fin d’année »! Cultivate Your French will be back on January the 6th. 

All the information about the transcripts, notes and photo is available at www.cultivateyourfrench.com


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