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Today’s episode takes you to the Côte d’Azur! Yes, the south of France! This is where Murielle Iris lives and works. She has created her own company, Les Sauvages. She collects wild plants around the city of Nice : wild lavender, wild roses, thyme, cynorhodon, orange blossom, etc. Then, she transforms them into tinctures, infused oils, herbal teas, etc. She sells her product on local markets and on Internet.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge about plants with people who live in the city and can’t afford to go in the nature to collect plants.

I asked her how she knew when to pick up a plant and if this was a special moment. Now imagine the wonderful paysages of the Nice region, hear the wind and the bees and meet our guest!

Thank you so much for your enthousiasm about the podcast!

All the information about the transcripts is available in English at cultivateyourfrench.com



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