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In January, I had the chance to meet a wine professional in Paris, his name is Benoît Melendez. He has a shop, L’extra brut. Does it give you any clue about the kind of wine he sells? yes? He sells wines, but particular ones : he sells Champagne and only Champagne! In this shop, which is also a « Bar à Champagne » you can drink Champagne at the bar with some food or buy a bottle to bring home. Of course, the « bar » is closed for the moment but the shop is opened. So on cold winter day, I walked from Saint-Lazare station to rue Condorcet, in South PIgalle, to meet Benoît Melendez. You have to imagine me in his shop, surrounded by nice bottles, seated on a bar stool made of wood, in front of a very smiling man who really loves his work. 
So, in today’s episode, you are going to hear Benoît Melendez talking about Champagne! 

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My name is Laetitia, I’m French, I live just outside Paris and I share with you a small slice of my daily life here in France. I have also been running the podcast One Thing In A French Day since 2006
All the information about the transcripts, notes and photo is available at www.cultivateyourfrench.com

L’Extra Brut : 19 Rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris


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