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You are listening to Cultivate Your French podcast, ONE slow french episode every week. 

Last year, I discovered that my friend Lorena, from the dance class, is a real passionate about the Château de Versailles. I asked her if she would go with me to the castle and tell us about her passion. She agreed to my great joy! But the bad automnal weather conditions, then lockdown thwarted our plans. This Spring I asked Lorena if she would talk about what she likes at the Château, like an introduction to these future episodes. So we recorded ourselves walking in Paris, as Louis XIV would walk in Versailles to have a conversation. In this episode, I asked Lorena about her favourite figures in Versailles’s history.  
I’m sure you are going to enjoy the way Lorena talks, how she builds her sentences, her reasoning. This episode is a really good training for understanding and building more complex sentences. 

My name is Laetitia, I’m French, I live just outside Paris and I share with you a small slice of my daily life here in France. I have also been running the podcast One Thing In A French Day since 2006

All the information about the transcripts, notes and photos is available at www.cultivateyourfrench.com


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