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Today, you are going to hear an interview that I had with Alice Chance. This very nice young woman is a music composer, she’s in France for her studies and she has a YouTube Channel. This is how I’ve discovered her. She uses her channel to talk about her French studies. She started it in 2019 as she was at home, in Australia. I like it because it’s real life studies, because she has nice solutions (I love the one about creating your own French family) and because she has a poetic mind. 

And we met in real life by chance, because Alice and I leave in the same neighbourhood. I saw her once on the Pont de Levallois. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I decided to contact her. Yes, she was the one I saw ! And she agreed to meet and talk about her YouTube channel for the podcast ! 
In this episode you are going to hear Alice talking in French, I think her pace is rather good for you so there won’t be 2 versions as usual.  
In the notes that go with the transcript, you will find 3 tips that were useful for Alice. And I will also give you a conjugation routine. Because, les conjugaisons, c’est la liberté ! 



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