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Summer is coming, of course that we need new shoes. Especially Lisa who as a bigger feet than last year and who needs new shoes to go to Versailles with her class. Micaela needs white sneakers to wear with her skirts or dresses. Felicia doesn’t feel the need to change her shoes for now. And I? Yes, I would like to find as good shoes as my old Clarks sandals. 

By chance, we found the street for us in Asnières. Lisa and I stopped into a shop with shoes for children. In the shop, there was a little girl otherwhelmed by choice and a mother who couldn’t help her. Chosing something can be so difficult sometimes. Things were going to be different for Lisa. 
This is how starts the story that you are going to hear today. We are in the shop with Lisa. 

With the notes that go with the transcript, you will find a typical dialogue for buying shoes in French. Yes, this may happen for you in France ! I will also highlight for you the sentences or expressions that are very natural in French. 
The title of this episode says that there are 3 stories. The 3rd one will be released on Friday on One Thing In A French Day podcast. There is no slow version, but sometimes it’s nice to dare listening to something more difficult.



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