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Last week-end, there was the Elections législative, we elected our deputies. And maybe that you have heard that president Emmanuel Macron has lost the majority. 
But last week-end, there was also the European Archaeology Days ! Lisa, Micaela, a friend and I headed to the Institut de paleontology humaine for a short conference about palaeontology and a visit of the institute’s collections. Yes, there was a lot of bones and skulls!  

In the notes that go with the transcript, I will show you the different tenses that I use to tell you this story. This way you can almost feel the difference between imparfait and passé composé.
Of course, as usual, I will highlight for you sentences or expressions that are very natural in French and that you can use in your own conversations. 

All the information about the transcript is available at www.cultivateyourfrench.com


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