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My name is Laetitia Perraut and I am a French woman living just outside of Paris in France. I started my original podcast in 2006 to help people improve their French listening comprehension, vocabulary and overall understanding of the French language.

With Cultivate Your French podcast, things go smoothly.

First, in the podcast, I, Laetitia, read the text that I have chosen from One Thing in a French Day slowly, with clear articulation.

Then I read the text to you at a normal speed.

When you subscribe to the newsletter, I send you 3 things in addition to the cultural notes :
1 > The vocabulary, so you can look up for the meaning and investigate the pronounciation before listening to the podcast.
2 > I send you the transcript of the text so you can check what you have just heard. Or you can read and listen at the same time.
3 > The interesting patterns of French sentences are highlighted.


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