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Le titre du texte d'aujourd'hui : Un loup à Paris Les premières phrases du podcast en anglais A Wolf in Paris This morning, I had to go to Paris to see my friend Natasha. We were meeting near Grands Boulevards métro station on line nine. I took the train for Gare Saint-Lazare a little after nine o'clock. Lots of people were on their way to work. I noticed that many of them had long faces. There's no doubt about it, summer holidays are over. The weather was grey today and a little cool. Some people had already abandoned their colourful summer clothes for darker winter outfits.

Le supplément du jour : Comment s'excuser

Comment s'excuser Politeness is one of the mainstays of civilization! And Parisians appreciate that in a crowded place, respecting others is essential. So you will hear a lot of apologies in public spaces. There are three basic levels of apology: Level 1 Example situations: lightly bumping into someone, both trying to get out the door at the same time, touching someone's hand accidentally on an escalator handrail... What to say: Here, a simple "Pardon!" will do. If someone says it to you, you can just nod or say "Pardon!" as well if you were equally to blame.

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